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You know what'd be great...

Got an idea for a new product? Think your favorite pic has what it takes to make more than its fair share of the profits? Prove it. Send an e-mail to and tell me what you want to see for sale.
Just send an email with the title of of the image and the product you want to see it on. If I like your idea (and I can make it), I'll print it up and place it in the shop. How cool is that!=D

So hop to it, folks! Make your voices heard.

The Poll That Started It All

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the old poll - a widget that lasted longer than anything else on my websites - is gone. It was retired by the folks running the code about mid-2012. The results were lost along with the many many funny comments.

Fear not, True Believers! I'm looking for a suitable replacement. You will soon be able to vote for "Immortal Soul" soon enough. = )

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