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Comission Information

Every now and again, folks ask me if I can do some work for them - Artwork, Site Graphics, Quickie Posters, et cetera.
Aside from random mentions via Twitter, this is the best place for you to get information on when I'm accepting commission work.

What Exactly Can the House of Amill (that's me) Do for You:

  • Traditional Artwork - You see a bunch of it in my gallery. I'm great with pencils (colored and otherwise) and I have been known to use watercolors on occasion.
  • Digital Artwork - I am skilled in the use of Illustrator and Fireworks. Understand that, due to a lack of a graphics tablet, these pieces can take a bit longer to complete.

There are a few pros and cons to both types of artwork. Let's use a very standard request as an example - Full Body, Single Character, Full Color, No Background.
Traditional - I can complete this request in about 24 work hours (about three days). This is assuming the character isn't amazingly complex and the commissioner approves the design in a timely manner. You get a scanned copy and can ask for the physical copy mailed to you.
Digital - I can complete this request in about 48 work hours (about a week). Again, assuming the other conditions are met, it will take me a little while longer to get it done. I work at a decent resolution (generally 300 DPI) and can make this image relatively large from the start.

One last bit of information: If I do accept your commission, I need half of the funds up front. Nothing personal, it's simply policy. Considering my prices, this is more than fair to ask for.

Contact Form:

Fill out this form to the best of your abilities.
I will review your info and contact you within two business days upon receipt.

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